The Smoker

We smoke our food with a heavy duty authentic all American reverse flow smoker. With this fine piece of machinery we produce our unique flavour using a blend of Hickory, Apple and Oak. Slow and steady is the only way—our brisket takes 12hours! To ensure tender succulent and flavoursome meat that when rubbed with our unique herb and spice combination can be found no where else.


The Smoke Ring

Don’t be alarmed! Smoked meats often have a pink layer directly below the surface, nestled neatly under the bark. It has long been an emblem of great barbecue. Backyarders know they have arrived when they make their first smoke ring. The lovely smoky flavours contain high levels of Nitrogen Oxides and Carbon Oxides which ‘fix’ the pink pigment in the meat. They are something to be proud of in the smoking world; Enjoy them!


We’re open everyday 


Monday - Thursday
5:00pm - 10:00pm
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Noon - 10pm
Noon - 7pm
93 High Street
Devon EX16 7AG
01884 798338
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