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About us

So here we are! As you can see we are a small family of 'pit-masters' and 'pleasers' all young and full of fun ready to make your time with us memorable 

Ever since a young age Ed has been at the centre of a kitchen pestering his father as a child, learning the basics. After spending 10 years working for his father to become head chef at Bickleigh Mill; and meeting his partner Elisha in the kitchen they took the leap of faith and started running the pub in November 2014. Ed is the head chef here and has utilised his passion for BBQ-ing to become pit-master of the smoker creating fantastic flavour combinations for you to enjoy.


The Hickory Inn is the brain child of this inventive and driven young chef and with the help of Elisha’s brother Liam; in the kitchen together they are to conquer the smoking world! Liam joined Ed at Bickleigh Mill on work experience when he was 15 where he embarked on his own journey to become a chef. Liam then joined the Michael Cain’s Academy in Exeter to gain his qualifications before spending a year at Rick Steins Bistro in Padstow. When he learnt of our dreams of running a pub in Devon he returned home to be Ed’s right hand man.


Luke is our closest friend and without him we would not be where we are today as he has helped co-ordinate our refurbishment showing ultimate commitment to the cause with many of his ideas and contributions making the place what it is today. Now the refurbishment is complete you can find him behind the bar! Congratulate him on his work any time!


Taking care of the restaurant and a fountain of knowledge is Dan. He helped us get set up when we arrived here at the Hickory; with his many years of bar experience he showed us the ropes. Then we somehow managed to gain him as a full time member of staff; and we are delighted! Any questions and he will be more than happy to find the answer for you. His passion is music and this is harnessed on our band nights where he doubles as a sound engineer! Dandy!


Taking good care of each and every one of our customers is Laura who has been with us since the early days. Dishing out charm and charisma if anyone will make you feel special it's this one. Warm and friendly she brightens our day - Also known as our 'sparkles'. We are lucky enough to have her with us part time.


Elisha works behind the scenes tirelessly tweaking posters and organising events; of which she hopes you can come and enjoy! She has supported Ed since day one through the ups and downs - coping with all the associated mood swings (and dishing them out too I suppose).  With a degree in Animal Science; care and compassion is ingrained and is transferred to those 'Homo Sapiens' that come through the door! Also taking on all the boring jobs such as accounts; thank goodness she has the little pup Evie as a constant companion.


Lewis Wilkinson is our apprentice; he has come such a long way! He will leaving in June to extend his experience as a budding chef but has been a great help since we opened and we wish him all the best for the future!!


And together we are


and proud!







The Team


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